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Beware of Fake Hamer Candy: Amazing Facts You Need to Know


Fake-Hamer-Intro1There is a rise of fake Hamer Candy on the internet because the web is now a place to buy just about anything. People make a lot of money doing this through e-commerce. And most shoppers do not notice it when buying a fake product.

The problem is extensive and remains a cause for concern for manufacturers. One cannot help but feel concerned, too.

Just imagine the number of resources such as money, time, and expectations of a great bottom line that manufacturers must have invested in a product!

Sadly, those peddling fake products make a chunk of returns that ought to go to them.

No product, especially a well-known brand, is immune to this act. And that includes your favorite Hamer Candy.

On the other hand, Active Candy was just introduced in 2020, so fake manufacturers are not focusing on it as it is still relatively unknown.

However, I felt fake Active Candy in the world market after a year when it became more popular. After all, it's manufactured by the original Hamer Candy manufacturer.

But then, what makes these candies attractive enough for anyone to want to counterfeit them?

Besides, how would you recognize a fake one once you see it? Here's where you get to discover the answers to these nagging questions.


Why Would Anyone Sell Fake Hamer and Active Candy?

Fake-Hamer-Intro2One thing is clear. If you have made a great product, the chances are that people will want to duplicate it. The fact that millions of people love Hamer Candy and Active Candy reflects its awesomeness. Their love for the products is founded on many reasons.

The Hamer Candy and Active Candy are great for those into physical exercises demanding endurance.

Many athletes, bikers, hikers, cyclists, gym devotees, and the like love to take these candies. In addition, anyone needing an instant energy boost can rely on these candies.

They are also naturally made, explaining why many people have attested to their libido-boosting effects. That's not all. The tastes of these products make them great for daily consumption.

The probability of someone making fake Hamer Candy and Active Candy increases because they sell quickly. People do not just love the taste. They can positively impact the body daily, as pointed out earlier. It's pure logic.

If it is a high-selling product, prospective buyers would likely be unsuspecting of a fake one. And peddlers of counterfeit products will hardly ever be interested in products that would not sell.

So, how do you differentiate between real or fake Hamer Candy and Active Candy?


How to Know it's the Real Hamer and Active Candy?

Fake-Hamer-Intro3Hamer Candy's makers have designed a particular way of recognizing a fake through its unique packaging system. As a result, there is now a consistent packaging design for the Trial Pack, 15-Piece Pack, 3-Piece Pack Dozen, and Standard Box.

Besides promoting brand uniqueness, people looking to purchase the product online can know the difference between a fake and an original.

Besides, peddlers of fake products are easily put off by manufacturers that make this kind of move.

Introducing the HamerGuard has helped customers quickly identify original products for quite a while. How does this work? The HamerGuard is a 28-digit unique serial number tagged along with every package. This number will be scanned using the Hamer Candy App from Google Play and the Apple Play store.

With the app, you will scan the QR code on the candy to determine if it is accurate or fake. Unfortunately, this process has not deterred those making money from counterfeit Hamer Candy. It is up to you, the customer, to go the extra mile to help determine the candy's authenticity.

The process is not long on. All you need to have are a regular mobile phone and internet. And, of course, a little patience (well, a few minutes at best). Also, it would be best if you were sure of the place where you purchased this product.



Given our reputation for selling only original products, there is no better place to get your Hamer Candy and Active Candy than HamerShop. We do not just sell, though. We also keep our customers up-to-date with news regarding the brand. So what are you waiting for? Ditch unreliable third-party peddlers of fake Hamer Candy today and hop on the HamerShop train.


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