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Faster Energy Boost: How to Achieve using Active Candy?


We are greedy beings, always pursuing the extra mile to get closer to our goals in life

It is called “Survival of the fittest”.

You want to be ahead of everyone in every aspect of life; Money, fame, social class, but the one thing we are all greedy for is our youth.

Most people out there are spending thousands, and maybe MILLIONS, to achieve their 20s again. However, with every surgery you take and the drugs you consume - You are just not satisfied enough!

As you’re approached by hundreds of shady salespeople, both offline and online, offering you ‘the’ solution you do not hesitate to pull out a wad of cash hoping this could finally be your FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - to be let down once more…

But look no further! This article will help take you out from the darkness into light, away from the shady business, and bring you a long-term solution for both your body and mind.

It’s something you can enjoy consuming every day and gives you the boost you will need in every aspect of life.

It is called Active Candy.

It’s the latest addition to the Hamer Shop, 10X MORE effective than Hamer Candy, breaking down your health barriers one candy at a time.

What is Active Candy?

You know how doctors advise us to stay away from candy or at least limit them, but you couldn’t stay away from them when you were younger as you start developing cavities, eating your teeth out, and gaining weight.

But this is NOT one of those candies.

It’s a friend to your health and delicious in the tongue, making you feel energetic and boost your mood every second it stays in your mouth.

This candy does not discriminate as it benefits both males and females in various health issues they suffer in life.

You might have met its cousin, Hamer Candy, within this store, but it’s far more potent and more effective, with its nutrients fully absorbed during the fermentation process with the help of bio-activation technology- helping you unlock more energy within you!

If you’ve been using our Hamer Candy, you will know how beneficial this candy can do for all walks of life. Those who need a boost in their sex drive, those who need more willpower during their exercise, and college students who need the mental energy to focus on their studies.

How to Take the Candy?

Taking one Active candy a day, after breakfast, is the best time for you to reap its benefits. Make sure

To be able to reap the benefits of Active Candy, it's best to have a healthy breakfast during the early morning.

It means food that provides you with the energy and strength needed to tackle head-on against any trials and tasks that come to you during the day. These foods include; oatmeal, boiled eggs, berries, yogurt, etc.

Avoid certain foods that could cause unwanted side effects - messing up your performance throughout your day. These include; pancakes, cereals, pastries, fruit juice, and processed meat.

Avoiding these foods will prevent craving, unhealthy weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc.

Once you've eaten your breakfast, you can take one candy straight after. Ensure to drink lots of water to allow the candy properties to diffuse throughout your body to achieve optimal results.

What Can Active Candy Do For You?

Active Candy is a friend to all walks of life. This candy contains specific ingredients that help trigger your body’s wellness and potential in several ways. Suitable for college students, middle age and older men and women.

Long-lasting Erection and Sexual Libido

As both men and women have starting to enjoy their sedentary life, munching away unhealthy processed foods day by day, both men and women are starting to lose their sex drive and erection caused by obesity, diabetes, alcohol, etc.

That’s why many of our customers are men who need the extra help, along with proper diet and exercise, get a hold of this candy and activate the ingredients within - increasing their sex drive and erection stiffness and duration.

Containing some of the best ingredients in the market, such as Cynomorium Songaricum and Ginseng.

Many traditionally consume both herbs throughout East Asia for more than a thousand years for their sexual enhancement healing properties that benefit both men and women and enjoy their night together with their significant other.

To learn more on how this candy can benefit your sex drive, click here.

Have More Energy

Feeling restless during the day, especially if you’re unable to clock in the recommended hours of sleep, or you need the extra boost needed to complete your assignments?

Well, take one Active Candy, and you’ll feel a sudden surge of energy throughout your body. Active Candy helps cleanse both your kidneys and liver, and this is the detox you need to help unlock a lot more power and increase your productivity throughout the day.

The Cynomorium Songaricum Polysaccharide, brown sugar, and coffee are the key ingredients you need to ensure that you get the best detox necessary for that extra energy boost.

Achieving Fitness

Working 9 to 5 jobs, sitting in your cubicle without being active can be detrimental to your physique. By the end of your work shift, you lack the motivation and energy to do anything more than to lie on your couch and binge-watch Netflix.

It is not suitable for your health in the long run!

According to Workplace Insight, statistics show that those working in administration are at the most risk with obesity rates of Seventy-seven percent, 15 percent higher than the national average.

It can’t go on any longer! As technology continues to advance, more and more jobs have become sedentary. As a result, our physical health is becoming damaged day by day.

IT causes your energy to deplete, lack motivation, and gain weight further. This heinous cycle will cause other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, etc.

So it all comes down to the lack of energy, and that’s what Active Candy can give you the boost you need. This candy contains natural ingredients that relieve your stress, fatigue, low energy, such as ginseng, Cynomorium Songaricum, coffee, etc.

It will give you the energy and the motivation to work out harder and be more active throughout the day.

You can learn more about how this Candy can boost your energy levels by clicking here.

Become Smarter

Trying to Ace your exams? Or you’re desperate to increase those GPAs before you complete your final semester?

Well, Active Candy may be the right solution for you!

However, when you want to ace your classes, consider the amount of time you are studying.

When you are in university, you have to complete many assignments and learn day and night to acquire and retain your knowledge.

These all come down to focus, which we all lose as you journey through your university phase. Stress and tiredness are the leading factors for university students.

However, Active Candy contains coffee that can flush all your stress and the anxiety you face throughout your studies and revitalize your focus again to your studies.

Active Candy also contains Cynomorium Songaricum and ginseng, which can help provide you instant relief towards extreme tiredness and boost your energy needed to continue your learning effectively.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most challenging journeys one can go through during one lifetime.

We mindlessly stuff our bellies with junk, and we end up working 2x harder to exert enough energy to continue this unhealthy habit.

Over time,  you gain more weight, lose more willpower, and end up losing your performance during exercising.

But, no worries, you can change this!

You can start by changing your diet and fasting. Changing what you take into your body can help you become much fuller, despite consuming fewer calories - losing more weight in the process.

What changes can you make to your plate?

More Fibre

Increasing your dietary fiber intake helps you lose weight more quickly due to its filling effects.

Consuming high fiber foods leaves less room for low nutrient-dense foods such as refined carbohydrates.

Staying fuller for more extended periods prevents binge-eating habits from occurring, making you eat less over time and thus helps rapid weight loss over time.

Fewer Carbohydrates

Low carbohydrate diets can be the most effective way to lose weight.

Eating a low carbohydrate diet can help reduce your appetite and ease your weight loss journey.

An example of a popular diet amongst the health community is called a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet consists of high fat and low carbohydrate diet.

Consuming high fat and low carb food replaces the energy used from glucose to fat quicker - making your body burn fat instead of glucose for energy.

It makes your weight loss journey much quicker and includes other benefits such as lower blood sugar and insulin, which are required for diabetic patients.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Enjoy more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Both are low in calories and high in fiber.

These are the components you need to lose weight and successfully contain vitamins and minerals to help you strengthen your health and boost your energy.

Drink Plenty of Water

Most people have mistaken their thirst for hunger!

But, unfortunately, it causes some of us to abuse our bodies further, and the body can only take in so much until we start developing severe health problems later in life.

So before you start taking a bite of your favorite snack, try drinking a glass of water and wait until the hunger dies down.

Fast Your Way to Weight Loss

If you have trouble losing weight, then I suggest you start a Fasting program. Throughout your Fasting program, you will begin to have more self-control over how much you eat, and you may become less hungry as time goes by.

The best part is, when you are in a state of fasting, within 12 hours, your body enters ketosis mode, where your body will start burning fat instead of glucose - making you lose weight much faster.

For that to occur, you need to choose a fasting method best suited for your willpower. The most famous fasting method is the 16:8 intermittent fasting. It is where you fast for 16 hours and have an eating window of 8 hours.

Do not worry! 

Depending on how you apply the timings, you may be able to prevent severe hunger and still reap the benefits.

Start by fasting from 8 pm to 12 pm, which is the time you are at sleep. After that, you can expect to lose through the night and enjoy your meals during the day.

For more information about fasting and diet, click here.

Once you have followed the advice above, you may need more energy to stay active throughout your weight loss program, including your exercise performance.

Taking one Active Candy can drain all the stress and fatigue away from your body, preparing for your day ahead, regardless of any activity you do.

Achieve Overall Body Health Using Active Candy

There are many benefits that Active Candy has to offer, and I’ve just listed some above. There are many benefits this candy can help for women and men of all ages.

Regularly consuming just one candy a day helps you fight against any barriers externally and internally that you may face throughout your life and it’s best to keep this candy in your arsenal for you to be always ready with every trial and tribulation you may face in the future.

Get your hands on one by visiting the online store, and select which kinds you desire for your purpose and enjoy them once they arrive at your doorstep.


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