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Female Athlete's Experience on How to get Best Results from Hamer Candy


Men's ratio to women in professional athletics is not a balanced one. Society encourages men to participate in sports much more than women, owing to the assumption that men are naturally endowed with superior physicality. While it is true that we can do just about anything that men do, the reality is that no matter the height a female athlete attains, she will constantly be confronted by many certain limitations. This testimony is about how I scaled these limitations through Hamer Candy's help.


One of my early realizations about athletics is that it is a demanding preoccupation for a female. To reach the top and stay right there, you need to bring your a-game to the fore consistently. But then, the lifespan of an athlete's career is indeed a short one.

Usually, when you reach your peak, you feel you have already started. However, within this period, a woman gets other distractions such as marriage and childbearing. Hardly will you find anyone who falls for these distractions and get back to their best. I was lucky to hit my peak early, but that was just about when I got distracted.

Let me point out that athletics is also highly competitive. The moment you are off your prime, there is a long list of other athletes ready to jump right into your spot. The example of a colleague of mine is worth sharing. She was one of the best in track and field, representing our State during the national sports festival in 2016.

The birth of her first child took her out of subsequent tournaments. She was out for three years. And her attempts to make a comeback failed woefully. It led her to depression, but she's okay today.


My story is perhaps slightly different. However, there is a high chance of knowing me because I have represented my country who won a medal during the last Olympics. I hope you do not mind that I remain anonymous, though. My only wish is that my personal story and how I found help through the Hamer Candy will inspire you.

My Personal Story

Before I got to the level of representing my State at first, and later my country in High Jump, I have participated in inter-school sports competitions between the ages of 9 and 13. I never imagined that it would be my mainstay. My father desired me to become a medical doctor, though my mum was indifferent. Of course, I excelled in academics just as I did in sports. But my passion for High Jump was a burning one.


My Physical Education teacher and coach in 5th grade fuelled this passion. He was the first person who emphasized that my height (6’2) was a blessing. According to him, I could decide to go down the academics lane. Still, I would do well as a professional athlete. He said the choice was mine, but he would persuade me to opt for the latter if he were my father.


After I was invited to represent my State in a National Athletics Competition and caught the attention of many scouts. I knew my coach was right. So eventually, I decided to become a professional high jumper. And it was a dream come true for me when I got called up to be part of the team to represent our county at the World Athletics Competition.


I had a stint for a few years before being diagnosed with hormonal imbalance. It is a condition that affects women in different ways. For example, I had frequent menstruations, which led to corresponding frequent bouts of fatigue and mood swings.


Invariably, this affected my career in no small measure. As mentioned, we are expected to be close to our A-game at all times. As a result, I was way below for a few months until it became apparent that I needed to take some time off from the team.


All the help I sought yielded little or no result until I found Hamer Candy.


How I Found Hamer Candy

Desperate to find a solution to my problem during my time off, I consulted with my doctor. After further tests, she disclosed that I was showing signs of pre-menopause. Furthermore, she said it was likely that I would hit menopause in my early 40s. This was surprising. I was only 32.


The medication she recommended did not work. Similarly, none of the herbal supplements that I purchased through Amazon gave a positive result. Just as I concluded that my career was about to come to an end, a friend suggested that I try Hamer Candy.


I was reluctant at first, but her testimony sold the candy to me. She also experienced an abnormal menstrual cycle—one that was different from mine. While mine occurred almost every 15-18 days, hers took longer than necessary.

It used to take as much as 40-45 days before her menstrual period. However, after taking Hamer Candy, things got back to normal.


My friend’s condition was not too dissimilar from mine. At first, I wanted to purchase someone that sells the product through Twitter. But I learned that there are many counterfeits of the products online.

So, I researched and found Hamershop.com and decided to get mine there.

What Hamer Candy Did for Me

Since I had never used the products before, it made sense to do more findings. So, I went through the FAQs on the website and read about taking the candy. After consuming the Hamer Candy for a week, I began to feel better blood circulation in my body. I also felt as though I was a teenager once again. It was a fantastic feeling.

As an athlete, this was relatively easy for me to notice. But, after a month of consistently taking the candy, I discovered that my menstrual cycle had readjusted.

At the moment, my menstruation comes up after every 21-22 days. So I didn’t know how to thank my friend for recommending this fantastic product.


I have since gone back to professional high jumping. It has not been easy to climb back to the top, though. Once you are out of the picture for a long time, reclaiming your spot might the difficult.

But then, my progress has been encouraging. At the moment, I seem to be getting close to my peak. So even if I experience the early arrival of menopause, I am sure that my career will not have an untimely end.


One More Thing: Hamer Candy Restored My Self-Confidence

What Hamer Candy has done for me remains incredible. Apart from helping me resolve my menstrual problems, it has also given me a daily boost of energy and stamina.

Every athlete will tell that training sessions can be demanding on physicality. I wish I had found Hamer Candy earlier in my career.


There is one more thing. Hamer Candy has restored my self-confidence on and off the field. I can combine my responsibility as a professional and my private affairs without suffering from fatigue.

I am some superwoman today, all because I found this fantastic product. Now, I believe that my general well-being is guaranteed as long as I continue consuming the candy.


I have been sharing this experience through various mediums. My friends' response has been great, as some have also tried the product. It later occurred to me much later that I should drop my testimony here as well.

This is the least I can do, having experienced Hamer Candy's magic. However, I am confident that everyone reading this article will have something good to say or write about this product too.



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