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How Cynomorium Songaricum Gives You it's Wonderful Magical Benefits


There is hardly anything that can injure a man's ego as much as erectile dysfunction. Erections are tied to the masculinity and feelings of self-worth of most men. It is associated with the male identity. In the event of erectile dysfunction, a man will be most likely to lose his self-confidence and ability to please a woman.

It can lead to anxiety and depression in some cases. Someone suffering from this condition may also isolate himself from the other sex, knowing he cannot perform sexually.

It means that there is a likelihood of erectile dysfunction affecting things other than a sexual relationship. It can bruise work and social life as well.

Erectile dysfunction is joint among older men. This is because of its association with the same underlying risk factors as vascular disease and includes hypertension, diabetes mellitus (DM), hyperlipidemia, and obesity which are common during aging.

However, there are rare cases of the condition among young males too. For instance, a young overweight person will probably experience erectile dysfunction at some point.

Even though the male gender suffers from this condition, it is also a big concern for their sexual partners. While some women are supportive enough to help their men find a solution to the problem, many others may not be that patient.

As such, it could lead to a breakup, or at the very least, a turbulent relationship.

The most common weapon used to fight this villain is Viagra. Although Viagra is considered safe for use as treatment of erectile dysfunction, it may be dangerous for anyone on certain kinds of medications.

That underscores the reason for seeking medical advice before taking the drug. Nevertheless, a few natural remedies such as Cynomorium Songaricum can treat erectile dysfunction without seeing a doctor. This is one of the ingredients that make Hamer Candy a magical snack!

What is Cynomorium Songaricum?

Cynomorium Songaricum, also known as Suo Yang, is classified as the sole genus within the Cynomoriaceae family. It is a plant that can produce energy by itself even though it has no leaves.

Cynomorium Songaricum has been a popular plant for many centuries, especially in the Far East. However, botanists have found out that Suo Yang plants tend to parasitize other plants' roots. They have also documented that Suo Yang grows in dry or sandy soil and frequently in saline habitats with proximity to the coasts.

Like most plants that offer medicinal prospects, Suo Yang has several constituents that are extracted from it.

Some of these include Flavonoids, Triterpenes, organic acids, steroidal compounds, and polysaccharides. For example, flavonoids help the body eliminate free radicals that can cause oxidative stress.

On its part, Triterpenes is one of the extracts that show promise in the prevention of diabetic complications. In addition, the steroidal compounds are the constituents that make Cynomorium Songaricum a go-to plant for manufacturers of muscle-building drugs and drugs for treating erectile dysfunction.

Although scientists recognize the pharmaceutical potential of Cynomorium Songaricum, issues around its possible toxicity have come up in the recent past. However, many studies have revealed that Suo Yang can be regarded as a safe and nontoxic pharmaceutical ingredient. Ironically, extracts from the plant, particularly Flavonoids, can help expel toxins from the body.

Suo Yang has been used as food and medicine for many centuries in Northwest China and other Asian territories. In addition, it is used today for various remedial drugs in Chinese, European and Arabic medicine.

Many Pharmaceutical companies also depend on some of its extracts as ingredients for making certain drugs. So, what are the specific benefits of Suo Yang?

What are the benefits of Cynomorium Songaricum?

As stated earlier, Cynomorium Songaricum is effective for treating erectile dysfunction and a few other sexual problems. In fact, it has been used in traditional Korean and Chinese medicine for treating male impotence and sexual dysfunction for many centuries.

Therefore, the plant's impact on contemporary medicines used to address impotence is also not doubtful.

Studies show that it can help provide vigor to the kidney, and little wonder why many medications have extracts from the plant as part of their compositions.

Everyone knows the inherent danger of blood glucose sugar levels soaring high in the body. It can cause serious damage to the blood vessels that transport oxygen to vital organs, leading to a high risk of nerve problems, visual impairment, kidney diseases, and heart problems.

Cynomorium Songaricum has also been proven to have the potential for addressing diabetes. When mixed with other safe pharmaceutical ingredients, the plant can decrease blood glucose levels.

Suo Yang can be used to protect the liver as well. It is a known fact that when toxins have unabated access to the liver, they can weaken the organ over time.

Flavonoids in Cynomorium Songaricum make it suitable for expelling free radicals from the body, thereby protecting the liver, kidney, and other vital organs from damages caused by extraneous particles.

Lastly, herbal medicine has garnered a reputation for addressing low energy and fatigue.

Need a Daily supply of Cynomorium Songaricum? Get Hamar Candy

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Then, your search for a way out is about to come to an end. All you need is the Hamer Candy.

It contains the correct quantity of Cynomorium Songaricum to help address erectile dysfunction and a few other sexual problems. The Hamer Candy is also great if you want to give your kidney and liver some protection. Although you may take a couple of the candy or more, the daily recommendation is one.

The candy contains another essential natural ingredient apart from Cynomorium Songaricum: ginseng. If you doubt ginseng's popularity, run a search of the word on Google Search. You'd be amazed at the number of results on the pages. The plant is popular because of its numerous health benefits. For example, it helps fight erectile dysfunction in the same manner as Cynomorium Songaricum.

Besides, given that Hamer Candy is nourished with extracts from these two natural plants, you do not need to look any farther than it for your daily energy boost. To get instant relief, anyone suffering from stress and extreme tiredness only needs to take one piece. On the other hand, perhaps you need to be mentally alert for a long period.  Hamer Candy's rich Cynomorium Songaricum and ginseng content will provide you with concentration for many hours.

It would be best if you were wary of fake Hamer Candy, though. Since it is a fast-selling cell activation edible, many counterfeits have flooded the market. As such, you need to take out the HamerGuard, which was designed to help customers identify original products.

The Hamer Guard is a 28-digit unique serial number tagged and every package. This number will be scanned using the Hamer Candy App to download on Google Play and the Apple Play store.  If the product sold to you as Hamer Candy does not have this serial number, it is fake.


From this piece, you have learned about the magical plant called Cynomorium Songaricum, otherwise known as Suo Yang.

It has proved helpful in traditional medicine for centuries yet remains one of the go-to ingredients for modern prescription drugs, supplements, and edibles.

You have learned that this natural plant can help to cure erectile dysfunction, boost energy levels, increase concentration and protect some of the body’s vital organs.

You have also learned that the Magic of Cynomorium Songaricum makes Hamer Candy truly special.

But, you will never know until you have tried the Hamer Candy.

It is the best way for you to experience the magic of Cynomorium Songaricum.


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