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Why is Sugar Rush not really that Bad [from Hamer Candy Perspective]


Sugar is your enemy. You will hear from many people, especially health and wellness experts. They will tell you that sugar can cause damage to your teeth. Some will even go as far as mooting that sweetened things can cause long-term health conditions such as for overweight and heart diseases. But then, does it mean that there is nothing good about sugar beyond its taste?

Let's face it. We will always have sugar, whether we like it or no. It is because sugar occurs naturally in certain types of food, such as fruit and milk. So, yes, it could be that tricky. To control sugar intake, wellness experts often advise that people limit sugars to those naturally found in these types of food. It being said, sugar is not a bad idea.

It is one of the best sources of energy and safe. Sugars are “generally recognized as safe” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). No one will disagree that taking a bottle of soda or carbonated drinks can quickly cure lethargic feelings.

Does that mean it will affect your health? Nah! As long as you do not abuse caloric sweeteners and sugar added to your foods or beverages, your body organs are as good as safe.

What about indulging in a sugar rush? Well, health experts will tell you that overindulging in this feeling can be detrimental to your overall wellbeing. It is entirely false. When you have an insanely low sugar level, sugar rush or high might be just what you need.

Thankfully, the Hamer Candy was manufactured to help you achieve this feat.

What Is a Sugar Rush?

“Sugar rush” is something that many people have experienced without knowing it. The concept is not clearly defined and comes up only in informal conversations. It is an experience that is mainly associated with consecutive sugar intake. Also, it is commonly likened to hyperactivity, especially among children.

However, it is best to be conservative when defining the term. It refers to a particularly energetic burst that one feels, having consumed sweetened edibles.

From the angle of its effect on the body, the sugar rush is somewhat like a "high". As such, some people prefer to call the experienced sugar high. This should not be confused with the same "high" desirable from psychoactive drugs. It is something entirely different. When it comes to the sugar rush, you are talking about feeling energetic. The “legends” have it, sometimes hyperactive.

Some believe that there is no such thing as a sugar rush. Many people, primarily adults, have called it a myth or urban legend. As children, the older folks would link the cause to excessive sugar intake whenever we display a certain hyperactivity level.

Indeed, a link between sugar intake and hyperactivity has not been scientifically established. Therefore, the relationship between "sugar rush" and hyperactivity is not factually established.

The concept can, however, be a lot more simplified. For example, having a sugar rush could mean that your energy levels have moved from low to high. In other words, you have moved from feeling tired to becoming energetic after taking a certain amount of sugar or sugary food.

Therefore, one can situate sugar high or rush between energy zap and energy boost.

Benefits of a sugar rush: Why you need it

Don't forget. We have narrowed our use of the term "sugar rush" to increase energy levels. So, is this important? Why would anyone crave a boost in energy through sugar? You will find more experts telling you to cut out added sugar entirely than those who do not. Is this true? Does Sugar give instant energy?

Yes, it does work for energy. You only need to work in a field that requires a sustained energy level for hours nonstop. In such an environment, it is not uncommon to see people take more breaks for soda than a cigarette. The reason is not farfetched.

They need an instant energy boost to keep going. Little wonder why the first thing many surgeons do after a lengthy procedure takes a bottle of carbonated drink. You will see something similar if you paid a visit to a construction site as well.

Let's put the "rush" or "high" idea aside, and sugar is quite beneficial to the body. However, you need to ignore any piece of advice that instructs you to cut out sugar completely. Health organizations and experts have varied recommendations for the quantity of sugar one can take daily. One thing with which they all agree is that there is enough room for some sugar in a healthy diet.

To not take sugar at all is a big no-no. What this implies is we should take added sugar only in moderation. Otherwise, sugars and caloric sweeteners have side effects if taken excessively.

For instance, taking too many chocolates, candies, and other caloric foods can cause dental problems. Similarly, excessive sugar, especially in snacks, can lead to overweight. Besides, a few heart diseases have been linked to too much sugar intake.

Getting Sugar Rush Without Experiencing the Downsides of Sugar.

If you are looking to get a daily supply of sugar and its attendant "high", the Hamer Candy comes highly recommended. The candy was formulated to help people boost their energy, improve their sex drive, and increase alertness.

Developed using Sino-USA technology, Hamer Candy contains natural ingredients such as ginseng, Cynomorium Songaricum, enzymes, brown sugar, malt, coffee, and pomegranate for overall wellbeing.

Out of these ingredients, brown sugar is Candy's primary energy source, given its high content of carbohydrates. Interestingly, brown sugar is rich in some minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium, owing to its molasses content.

These ingredients make the candy good enough for the body in minute amounts. For instance, this sugar type will improve digestion, among other health benefits.

Unlike white sugar, brown sugar is produced without any form of refinement. On the contrary, it is made directly from sugar cane juice, after boiling and leaving it to crystallize over a period. It explains why it is sometimes called cane sugar. Hamer Candy is brown sugar-rich, and having a piece daily is all you need for an instant boost of your energy levels.

Brown sugar will provide you with a natural energy boost for a short period, giving you temporary strength in the interim. The good news is that with Hamer Candy, the energy you will get lasts beyond a day. This is because its brown sugar content does not work in isolation. The blend of ingredients is targeted at keeping your strength up for at least 24 hours.


Now you know that sugar is a lot more critical than experts want us to believe.

First, we can hardly do without it because it occurs naturally in fruits. And then, most wellness articles will tell you to take many fruits. So, there’s hardly a day that we do not take it.

But, the excessive intake of sugar can make it detrimental to the body.

You have also learned why a sugar high might be necessary sometimes. Natural energy boosters such as a healthy diet, exercise, and sound sleep may not be enough when our body demands energy in some emergencies.

For example, after closing from a hectic day at work, your boss requires a few more hours. You have to muster the energy to get through these hours.

Lucky you! You now know about Hamer Candy. All you need to do is place an order and take just one candy a day.

Here is where you get original Hamer Candy (there are many fake ones out there) at reasonable prices.


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