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Women Sex Drive: You Killed Your Libido, Now What?


Make the change now, before it's over

This is it! You’re finally free & alone with your Babe; everything has been set up: the scented candles, your banging playlist, and when it comes to the crunch - you feel...meh. (Thanks a lot, vagina…) 

Yeah, it happens, and you’re not alone! Anne Barbieri, M.D., an ob-gyn at Mount Sinai Medical Center, testifies that women of all ages drop by her office complaining about their low sex drive

What could it be? Is it reversible?

No worries, let’s delve into the subject and identify the causes and its cures, but first, let’s understand what Libido is.

What is Libido anyway?

Libido is a sensation a person feels as he/she before having sex. Many different names know it: Sex drive, sexual appetite, and love machine. The intensity you may experience varies throughout the day, and certain situations can affect them. 

A women’s libido is driven by several factors such as their hormonesmental state, and lifestyle. For example, if you’re on medication, they may affect your sex drive.

Having a considerable libido helps you increase your sex drive, promote enjoyable sex, and enhance female orgasms. This is due to several factors, including hormones, mainly testosterone, which regulate arousal and lubrication in your vagina.

But having a low libido kills your sexual appetite, which can affect your intimate relationships with your significant other. It may also cause vaginal dryness due to lower estrogen levels causing painful sex.

Knowing all this, what are some of the leading causes of low libido amongst women, and how can you combat it?

What Breaks (and Makes) Your Libido?

Having a low libido can be disheartening towards your physical and mental health, here you will identify some of the causes and its cures towards your love machine:


Menopause is a natural part of aging. During the menopause transition, your estrogen levels start to dwindle, and you’ll begin to experience night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness - causes your sex drive to drop due to painful sex.

Although this is normal once you hit the age between 45-55, some women have been reported to go through the transition period as early as 35 years old.

It is known as early menopause, which happens to women for several reasons, including genetics. Lifestyle, chromosomes defect, autoimmune disease, epilepsy.

Suppose your lifestyle is the factor that causes you to transition much sooner. In that case, you can reduce the severity of menopause by eating the proper diet, exercise, and increase sun exposure throughout your life can delay and reduce the effects of menopause. 


As you start to get older, your testosterone will begin to decrease and reduce your sexual desires in women, the hormone that has a role in women’s libido. 

Specific exercises can help women retain their sexual health, such as Kegels exercise.

However, don’t overdo your workouts as it could make it worse, according to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise - marathon runners were found to have lower libido levels.

Also, lay off the cigarettes as smoking can diminish your sex drive!

Adrenal Fatigue

As more women are ditching their traditional roles and getting jobs, they are more prone to experiencing what’s known as Adrenal Fatigue (or what the media likes to call the “21st Century Syndrome”).

Adrenal Fatigue is a compilation of symptoms with people under long-term mental and physical stress.

This syndrome does not discriminate, as both men and women have been reported to develop such symptoms. These symptoms include (but not limited to):

  1. Tiredness
  2. Depression
  3. Trouble falling asleep
  4. Trouble waking up
  5. Loss of interest in life
  6. Low energy
  7. Inability to carry out your normal day-to-day activities
  8. Salt & Sugar craving
  9. Need caffeine to function throughout the day
  10. Loss of Sex Drive

These symptoms are pretty standard, as they are found in many diseases. As you can see, your sex drive could be the victim of this syndrome. Ovaries and testes are the first things that pop up in a person's mind when thinking about producing their sexual hormones. But did you know that the adrenal glands also play a huge part in producing estrogen and testosterone?

Located above each kidney, the adrenal glands are vital to your body, and very few people know it exists. The adrenal gland consists of:

Medulla (inner portion)

Cortex (outer part)

The cortex is responsible for producing stress hormones required to regulate blood sugars and fluid balance. The cortex helps women with testosterone and DHEA production 

On the other hand, the medulla produces adrenaline, which has specific physiological effects, including anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate, etc. That’s why the adrenal gland is dubbed the stress gland, making sense of why it affects the sex drive. When most people are stressed, the last thing on their minds are sex.

How to cure this? Well, you’ll have to start by de-stressing, and you can do that by starting off by reserving some time to do the following things:

    Exercise: A 10-minute walk is sufficient to clear your mind and boost endorphins, which helps reduce stress hormones

    Healthy Eating: Avoid your comfort food, and take more veggies, fruits, and omega-3 fatty foods.

    Meditation: Learn and practice deep breathing techniques to relax your mind and body.

Fulfilling these activities will allow your sex drive to increase over time.

Managing all three factors will increase the lifespan of your sex drive, but they are not enough. We need to look at the next step... your diet.

What Do You Need to Take to Increase Libido?

Learning how you are physical and mental health can benefit your libido is currently insufficient for you, and seeing results may take several months! There are also possible quick fixes to each of these factors that affect your libido, such as pharmaceutical drugs, but it comes with unpleasant side effects.  

That’s why your primary focus should be on what goes into your body. Our diet influences blood sugar levels and helps maintain your energy - which is the number one problem women suffer from - Fatigue. Even if you're going through aging and menopause, you’re still able to have sex (with lubricant help!), just not the fun type...

You will see some unfamiliar names here. And you will be discovering what Asians, particularly Chinese & Koreans, have been consuming for centuries that helps increase their sex drive, along with other unique benefits (and their population proves it!).

Cynomorium Songaricum

This plant is scarce and precious among the list of Chinese traditional herbs. 

It has been used for more than 2000 years and benefits its consumers by enhancing their sex drive, nourishing bone and muscle, lubricating the intestine and relieving bowel movements.

These benefits are packed within this single herb, making it beneficial for every walk of life. 

It helps your sex drive by tonifying the kidney, which significantly improves your estrogen levels in the long term.

It means delayed menopause and its symptoms, which negatively affect your sex life due to vaginal dryness - resulting in painful sex.

Not having to deal with the symptoms, such as mood swings, depression, and other similar symptoms will be a blessing towards your sex life.


Ginseng is one of the most popular herbs used by the Asian community to treat low libido. This herb promotes balancing hormones in your body, allowing treatment of your lack of sex drive caused by fluctuating hormone levels in the body. Also, infertility can be prevented and treated in women, as this herb benefits your body by: 

menstrual cycle regulation

enhance sexual performance

restrict PMS symptoms

Boost your libido

Balance hormones

All these help combat factors that damage your female reproductive health, as fluctuating hormones and irregular menstrual cycles prevent ovulation, which leads to infertility


Grown around Southwest Asia, this exquisite spice is extracted from the Crocus sativus flower. Dubbed to be one of the most expensive spices (by weight) globally, it is considered a powerful Asian aphrodisiac.

In one study, women who took saffron in their diet reported excess lubrication than usual and better, higher libido levels compared to those in the placebo group.

They also contain crocetin and crocin compounds - combating fatigue and migraines, which lowers your sexual appetite.


Source: Hometown Seeds

Fenugreek is beneficial towards women’s sex drive as it triggers the release of several hormones, including estrogen and testosterone-enhancing pleasure during sex.

These active hormone factors improve your orgasms during sex by making you wetter.

This spice has been reported to ease PMS and menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and mood fluctuations.

What Do You Need to Avoid

Eating these will help boost your libido, but there are some things you should avoid or limit before getting laid, and these include: 


Source: Delish

Even though it benefits from high fiber and antioxidants to keep your body slim, it’s best to avoid taking it several hours before sex.

It causes your stomach to be bloated and gassy, making sex uncomfortable

Fried Foods

Source: AARP

Greasy Food is unhealthy, regardless of any situation, but it can be problematic when it comes to having sexual intercourse.

They contain trans-fat, known for their adverse effects on male and female libido.

Consuming too many fried foods may also interfere with women's breeding process.


Source: The Daily Meal

What! Even fish are not safe!? (and it’s not the fish's fault!)

Some companies have been dumping industrial waste chemicals, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), into the water.

Due to its nature, consuming them can mimic natural hormones, causing adverse health and reproductive effects in both human and wildlife offspring.

Despite this criminal activity being banned in the U.S. in 1979, PCBs remained in the environment, possibly ending sex drive in women.

Know you’ve learned some of the things that can benefit you in bed and things that can ruin your night.

Searching for these ingredients that boost your sex drive are not that difficult but having them in your possession is a different story...

Where Can I Find Them?

Well, luckily for you, you don't have to dig very far to find these ingredients, as online shopping has become widespread these days. However, the problem lies in how thick is your purse? 

You see... Some of these ingredients are very high in demand, and growing them takes a lot of love and time. Unless you're making six figures (that’s in U.S dollars), you can stop sifting through the web as some of these things can cost a fortune! 

Also, if you manage to get them, you’ll have to learn how to treat themmeasure them, and learn how to manage your intake of all of these ingredients to achieve a healthy libido boost.

Cynomorium Songaricum

Cynomorium Songaricum is rare and very precious among Chinese traditional herbs. However, they are now available in online stores as supplements. 

These supplements are not that effective, as some customers report. The reason being is that they contain only the plant in a pill, with no unique technology used to process the supplement at all - no benefit to you and your wallet!


Ginseng is also now available on the eCommerce website, like Amazon, and they also come in pill form... The problem with this ginseng is it is not considered to be original.

You can tell by its cost, as wild ginseng is quite expensive, ranging from $500-$800 per pound in 2019. They need time to mature - estimating to be at least more than a decade for you to receive its benefits towards your libido.

However, if you’re looking for some energy boost, then knock yourselves out, but you know you want more than just energy “wink-wink”.


Saffron is one of the most expensive spices globally, with a rate that goes as high as $3,800/lb! On the other hand, gold is averaged at $1,500/lb.

Known to be as the “red gold”, this spice is primarily grown in the Asian content, with Iran being the number one producer of saffron, accounting for 93% of the world’s supply of saffron. Following in their footsteps are India, Spain, and Greece. 

Now beware of where you’re considering buying this online, as there have been reports of fake saffron being sold on eCommerce sites!

You can quickly identify the purity of the saffron by placing a strand in your mouth, and if it is sweet…FAKE! Authentic saffron should only smell sweet, not taste sweet.


The majority of the fenugreek production is based in Northern India, making about 80% of the world supply.

Fenugreek is pretty easy to obtain and grow in your backyard. You can find them as capsules in herbal supplements, herbal extract, liquid form, and applied on the skin. 

If you choose to order one yourself, make sure that you buy products made in India, as these will be considered free from harmful chemicals.

These are just some of the plants that will help you boost your sex drive. Now, you don't need to purchase them all, as that will be too costly and time-consuming. So, is there a way to benefit from most of these ingredients and be able to take the right amount for a healthy libido boost?


Learning about the beautiful herbs listed above sounds very promising! But as you look at each herb and its sources, and as you take out your wallet...you see yourself broke and unable to afford more than $1000 worth of herbs.

Hold your tears, as I will lift your burdens and provide you with a solution that benefits your health and finances with a product called Hamer Candy.

You are popping this candy into your mouth every day benefits your body and mental health. How you ask? The active ingredient of this candy is Cynomorium Songaricum

This helps increase estrogen and restricts menopause so that your sex drive grows over time and becomes more enjoyable! Also, it nourishes bone and muscle and helps relieve bowel movements for those who have constipation.

Another ingredient inside the candy is ginseng, a plant mentioned above that benefits your libido. In addition, it helps prevent and treat infertility by balancing hormones that regulate your reproductive health, keeping you further away from menopause.

And the best part of this candy is that it uses a unique fermentation technique, resulting in the increase in the Cynomorium Songaricum by MORE THAN 10X! Therefore, this is the only appropriate product that promises YOU the following: A candy a day keeps your libido from going away! 

To learn more about its benefits, click here.


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